Who we are

Your team and the CARLTON Productivity team: a powerful combination

CARLTON Productivity is an international implementation organisation. Our consultants have an average experience of at least 15 years. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving sustainable bottom-line results in a TESTED and creative way through behavioural change, supported by improved systems/processes and by training tailored to the needs of the people.


Savings and improving quality go together

Our strength lies in a down-to earth approach resulting in sustainable performance improvements supported by all those involved and savings of at least 15% of your operational costs.  We will only start an improvement project if:

  • We identify a saving potential between 15 and 30%.
  • We identify enough opportunity to achieve a R.O.I. of 300%.
  • We can guarantee our results: at least an annualised R.O.I. of 100%!


Your team and the CARLTON Productivity team: a powerful combination

A typical CARLTON Productivity project is about working with your people. During the project we spend 100% of our time at your premises. Through combining your expertise in the business and our expertise in improving performance, true surplus value is realised. The CARLTON Productivity team works closely with you and your team, to ensure consensus has been reached, know-how has been transferred and all required behavioural change has been embedded.