Selected Accomplishments

Throughout the years, the people of CARLTON Productivity has taken a leading role in numerous cross functional transformation projects. They have achieved financial results exceeding expectations in a very short time frame.
CARLTON Productivity has a vast experience analysing, reviewing, designing and implementing processes, systems and management tools which provided extraordinary results in efficiency, effectiveness and customer service to their clients.

Steel & Metals

The goal of the project was to improve competitiveness in the challenging automotive supplier business. CARLTON`s Consultants conducted the analysis, identifying productivity improvement of more than 10%. The project team redefined the management systems, KPIs, integrating it into the existing IT environment. The effort resulted in the short term to improve productivity by almost 20% and at the same time being able to handle the increased quality requirements of the clients. In the long term the client was able to improve throughput by more than 30% due to the continuous improvement teams installed during the project.

Heavy Equipment

Conducted the analysis and identified improvements in cost reduction of over 12% as well as management skills for a valve manufacturer with worldwide clients in the nuclear industry. Led a team of specialists to implement the identified improvements, exceeded the expectation by reducing costs by more than 15% through improved communication, planning and KPIs.


Design and implementation of management controls in the construction and engineering areas with a team of consultants and client’s staff. The project led to productivity improvements of more than 15% in the construction areas and substantially reduced the amount of lost time in the engineering departments.


Identified potential improvements during an analysis and subsequently led a team of management consultants to implement the improvements during the project phase for this window manufacturer. The products were made to order and the challenge was to balance the lead times and throughput in the production areas in order to reduce costs and to better meet the client deadlines. The client was able to reduce the manhours required by more than 30%.

Food & Beverage

Through the work of a team of consultants and company’s people for this inter- national food producer, resulting in productivity improvements of more than 15% throughout the organisation in the administrative, sales and production areas. Also reduced overtime by more than 50% and scrap in the production areas by more than 50%.


Led a team of consultants in a chemical production facility, increasing throughput in the two main shifts, resulting in being able to shut down the night shift, thereby reducing the production costs substantially. Tailor made solutions were developed at a management and supervisory level, enabling them to increase the machine utilisation by more than 20%.

Transport & Distribution

Identified productivity improvements for a retail supplier. Productivity improvements of more than 20% were realised and order picking and lead times were reduced in the warehouse by redesigning the warehouse layout with the client and implementing an updated management system.